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  • Free Ecards
    Check out our FREE animated ecards. Easy to choose and even easier to send. We have over dozens and dozens of free ecards. So don't be shy, try it out. Your family and friends will love it.
  • 99 Cents Ecards
    The 99 cent ecards are easy to purchase. With a one time payment of 99 cents you can send your selected card to everyone you know, in separate and unique emails. Your paypal and bank information will not be shared!
  • One year subscription
    The membership to LadyBugEcards is $9.99 that will buy you all the ecards for a whole year. With this option you get to save money and also make sure to get all the new ecards to your loved ones.
  • All your information will be protected and kept private and won't be used for any other purposes.